Duelpro 2009 5.0.1

UIC Phoenxsoftware (Freeware)

Duelpro 2009 is a program used for calculating players’ life points and tracking their scores when playing with Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Yu-Gi-Oh cards are popular game cards collected and played across the world. These are based on the Japanese cartoon series ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’. Duelpro 2009 also functions as a phase- and card quantity-controller. It displays the players’ game statuses so the players can decide on their next plan of action.

With Duelpro 2009, players can track their rolls, turns, and coin tosses using the onscreen tools. Users can key in the game’s progress; an undo feature makes it possible to correct the last action. This application can also do simulations of a coin flip and dice roll so players won’t need to have real dice and coins in order to play. The statistics can be reset at the start of a new game with different players.

Compared to the previous version, it has an improved engine, with a better graphic user interface. It features a less crowded composition, giving the user easier access to command buttons. The program also comes with a manual in the form of a PDF file. A Twitter link informs players of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh news and game updates.