Ducati World Championship

Artematica (Shareware)

Ducati World Championship is a racing game that features the popular Ducati motorcycles. The game lets players choose from more than 70 motorcycle models that are based on real-world Ducati motorcycles, known for their stunning design and powerful engines. The motorcycles belong to four different categories, namely Grand Prix, Road, Sports, and Classic. Players get to race on more than 34 unique circuits across 60 tournaments. As players race along, they will be able to unlock extra content to help them win competitions. Players can race in three classes according to skill level: professional, semi-pro, and amateur. The objective of the game is to win as many tournaments as possible in order for players to make it to the Grand World Championship.

This game has the following notable features:

• Game modes – there are five modes: Career, Quick Race, Capirex Challenge, Championship, and Multiplayer. The Career mode allows players to work on their motorcycles for improved performance. They can adjust the suspension, clutch, breaks, tires, steering angle, chassis, and the gears. The Multiplayer mode enables players to race against friends and other players online via LAN or Internet connection.
• Realistic environment – the game provides players with different terrains and tracks as well as varying weather with accurate lighting effects
• Playing modes – there are three kinds of gameplay modes players can race in: Normal, Simulation, and Arcade