TechSmith Corporation (Freeware)

DubIt is an application that allows users to add an audio file to a movie. The program can be used for creating presentations, tutorials, and demonstrations. It supports the AVI video file format and also supports images that are in the BMP, GIF, or JPG file format. In addition, users can add a sound file by using an external source, such as a microphone.

The program’s main window is simple to use. It consists of a player that can be used for viewing video files. The task buttons and menus are located at the upper portion of the window. There is also an option to create a customized slideshow. Users have complete control over the slide timing, the size of the movie, and the background color. The other key features of the application are as follows:

• Supports extracting of audio files from another video and adding it to the imported video
• Does not alter the quality of videos when adding sound files
• Creates an AVI videos that can be played on all computers without needing another program
• Projects can be added to a personal or professional website or sent through email
• Does not clog up system resources when creating videos