Dual Package 2.8

LG Electronics (Freeware)

Dual Package is a program developed by LG Electronics. This program allows users to manage each separate display on the screens of dual-monitor systems comprising two LG monitors. Applications may be tiled, and the task bar extended, among other capabilities provided by the program.

The Dual Display system afforded by the utility offers three display modes: Extended, Single, and Clone mode. The first mode permits the use of the second monitor as an extension of the main monitor. The second mode turns off the peripheral monitor and only activates the main monitor. The third mode displays the same images or video on both the main and peripheral monitor.

To access the features and tweak the options on both monitors, the user has to activate the Dual Package program, after which the press of any button displays the menu for monitor setup. Clicking on the “Dual” button displays options in the on-screen display menu. Options can be selected and customized with the down, right, and left arrow buttons. “Exit” allows the user to leave the on-screen menu. The up arrow allows the user to return to the main menu and the other items contained therein. Settings for using and managing both monitors for Internet browsing—also known as Dual Web—may also be accomplished using the abovementioned modes and steps.