DU Meter 6.20

Hagel Technologies Ltd. (Shareware)

DU Meter is a program that enables user to monitor the speed of file transfer over the network or to and from the Internet. It displays a summary report of network traffic and data transfer rates. With this function, DU Meter helps users in determining frequently encountered network problems during delays like retrieving e-mails, sending e-mails, and uploading and downloading activities. The application also helps users to determine the time of completion of a certain download file.

DU meter is also used in monitoring network activities in a business set-up.  The software monitors the allowable network transactions done by employees. If the employee surpasses the allowable limit for file transferring, the administrator will be notified via email. The application will create a detailed report about the traffic volume of the transaction. The report system uses a logging tool for scheduling activities. A user can create reports depending on the schedule set. The system can generate monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly reports for outgoing and ingoing transactions.   DU meter is an effective way in monitoring and implementing rules in a business without the intervention of a user. In such way,  the Internet connection can be utilized more efficiently and restricted actions will be avoided. The software has a user friendly interface for easy navigation.