3B Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

3B Software, Inc. released the DTV4PC program in 2007. It was developed as an alternative to cable television viewing on a traditional TV system. With this particular program, all the user has to do is install the software and he will then be able to view thousands of cable channels on various networks. It is often compared to having a personal satellite dish without all of the added costs. This particular software converts a typical computer system into a comprehensive digital entertainment hub. Aside from thousands of available television networks, the program is also capable of providing its users with access to thousands of broadcasts from signal-ready radio stations. Although this is considered as proprietary software, users no longer have to pay extra should they feel like watching pay-per-view movies and the like as these come free. All channels and their respective videos are conveniently streamed on the user's computer.

Aside from being able to enjoy live TV broadcasting using one's existing computer system, the DTV4PC program also allows access to other multimedia elements. This program can also be used for music and videos or listen to various radio stations with ease. The program also provides users with access to some of the best sports channels in the world. Premium channels are also made available to DTV4PC subscribers and the same applies when it comes to channels for children. This program is also capable of streaming local channels, from national news networks to weather and politics-centered shows.