DTV Application

Computer & Entertainment, Inc. (Proprietary)

DTV Application is an offering from Computer & Entertainment, Inc. that provides the user with a handy program for watching TV on smartphones. What is dubbed as the ultimate experience in TV and movie viewing is also known by its extended name-- DIRECTV Application. This tool allows for viewing of popular TV shoes anywhere and anytime.  Essentially, DTV Application transforms the iPhone into a mobile television set. The following are the basic function of this program:
• Shows movies, TV shows, and all sorts of videos on demand
• Allows for viewing while on the go
• Has DVR function for recording favorite shows
• Has comprehensive search function that displays results on the screen
• Has filter control as well as parental control

One of the most prominent and exciting features of DTV Application is its multi-faceted voice activation feature. There is no need to modify one’s voice because this program responds promptly to the natural speaking voice. The user of DTV Application can use his or her voice to play video content, record shows, change channels both at home and in transit. This application is an essential component that is required for TV fans to transform their smartphones into a portable television. American consumers can avail of this programming setup, although in terms of TV streaming limitations apply. For additional shows, charges will be incurred.