DStv Mobile Decoder

Valups (Bundled)

DStv Mobile Decoder is an application used for watching DStv channels from computers with Internet connection. DStv is South Africa’s satellite network, and the program is capable of letting the computer stream DStv programs from anywhere in that region. Through this application, the user can watch television shows even without a television and even if the user’s cable provider cannot receive signals from the channels in DStv.

DStv Mobile Decoder uses a specific broadcasting technology called terrestrial broadcasting. This is a technology aimed at delivering live TV shows on mobile devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. Because of this type of broadcasting, the software does not use Internet data from the user's current Internet plan. After the application is successfully installed, it will be able to show the user the channels that can be watched. The Mobile TV guide allows users to plan what he wants to watch. Some TV shows are broadcast live, and the user will be able to watch these through the application.

The program comes bundled with the DStv Drifta mobile decoder, which allows the user to connect to DVB-H broadcast so the DStv Mobile content can be accessed live from any computer or mobile device, anytime.