DSS Player Pro

OLYMPUS Corporation. (Proprietary)

Developed by the Olympus Corporation to work in conjunction with their own range of voice recorders, DSS Player Pro provides users with an extremely wide host of powerful features that greatly enhance the usefulness of their voice and sound recorders. With the program, users are given an extremely powerful dictation management software. Users of the program can use it to create transcriptions of their recorded audio. This is especially useful for recorded interviews, meetings and other audio that may require transcription

The program contains a powerful speech recognition algorithm that can be tweaked and customized to fit the user’s needs and applications. DSS Player Pro provides solutions for sending transcriptions via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and email. The program also supports automatic switching between local mode and network mode for respective FTP and email profiles. The program detects and fully supports verbal annotations, instructions, and comments. With new updates, the program works better with select models of Olympus’ DR line of products. As of the latest version of the program, version 7, the program has been rebranded and named Olympus ODMS Pro. ODMS stands for Olympus Dictation Management Software.

Other key features include
• Citrix and Terminal Support
• An improved and more ergonomic user interface
• SSL support for email and FTP
• DSSPro Security support for both encryption and decryption