DScaler Team (Freeware)

DScaler is a program developed by the DScaler Team aimed at optimizing videos. With its features, users can take either digital or analog interlaced videos, such as those from VCRs, DVDs, game consoles, and laserdiscs, and produce a better output.

Among its functions is its ability to re-scale videos to the users’ desired resolution. This is particularly helpful when they want to show or view the presentation or film in devices such as projector screens, computer monitors, and more. It also has the capability to reduce noise, giving a clearer, crisper image. Moreover, DScaler has input filters that allow users to control sharpness, color inversion, gamma, etc., and can adjust video cards automatically. The latter ensures that the best color, brightness, and contrast are achieved.  

The application, likewise, lessens irregularities in video timing, and detects, as well as removes 2:2 and 3:2 pulldowns for PAL and NTSC films, respectively. In addition, it has an automatic aspect ratio control, and allows users to view still pictures.

DScaler has a lot of advanced features that are quite comparable to a full video editing suite, but is only lighter and less complicated. It is geared towards more sophisticated users who have deeper understanding in video editing.