DS Clock 2.6.3

Duality Software (Freeware)

DS Clock displays the time and date on the desktop. It can be a replacement for the Windows clock found on the system tray. Users can change the time and the appearance of the clock on the program’s main window. The sequence of the clock display can be changed, too. The program provides samples of the different displays so users can see the differences among them. Furthermore, text can be added on the clock display. The font, background color, and other settings can be customized.

DS Clock has a synchronization tab that provides a list of several time servers that users can choose from. New clock servers can also be added to the list. The clock tab has all the configurations for the clock display including the date, time, time zone, text and background colors, and borders. There are also options for locking the window position, the transparency of the display, and the sound options.

Here are the other features of the DS Clock program:
• Simple and easy to use interface
• Allows users to add memos and set reminders for special occasions with Calendarscope
• Fully customizable clock display
• Synchronize the system’s clock with atomic time servers