Dr.Web(R) Enterprise Suite

Doctor Web, Ltd. (Shareware)

Dr. Web(R) Enterprise Suite is a program that houses an array of modular solutions that provides computers with a corporate Internet gateway or a proxy-server for stable Internet access through intranet networks. It is a dynamic software that can be used in any appliance running Unix-family operating systems namely: Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris(x86). Inter-linked servers can be configured for optimum performance. Dr. Web(R) Enterprise Suite comes with a competent anti-virus technology that detects and cures malware upfront. It has a virus-monitoring feature that runs real-time in analyzing incoming threats and responds rapidly whenever a threat has penetrated the system.

Dr. Web(R) Enterprise Suite supports a variety of tasks provided appropriate plugins are installed. It can process incoming and outgoing mail and filter out detected viruses and malware as well as block spam. The application can scan http and ftp traffic for malware and prompt users that a certain website they are visiting contain malicious file. It is capable of parsing e-mails and analyzing each of their components and even filtering them according to white and black lists. The program collects updated system activity statistics to ensure that every process is well-monitored. It also has a protective mechanism for its own plugins to prevent unwanted failures whenever possible.