Dr.Web ®

Doctor Web, Ltd. (Shareware)

Dr.Web is an antivirus software suite first released in 1992. It is known as the first Russian antivirus in Russia and is being utilized by Yandex, the largest search provider in Russia. The program offers both anti-spam and antivirus solutions with a Firefox add-on. This antivirus suite includes an anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, SpIDer-Mail components, and shields. It also features a system tray interface.

The program offers Dr.Web scanner that checks autorun objects, network/logical drives, removable data storage devices, emails, files and directories for possible threats. It also has Dr.Web SelfPROtect that maintains the security of the computer system. It restricts virus access to files/folders, network or any components of a computer system. The program also features SpIDer Guard® that monitor the computer system in real-time as well as Dr.Web Shield that serves as the program’s anti-rootkit application. For a virus-free email, Dr.Web features SpIDer Mail® that scans encrypted SSL-connections without interrupting mail client operation.

Dr.Web features a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that scans attached files to emails for possible threats. It checks recently arrived mails, filters out spam, identifies, and neutralizes threats. This component also employs the program’s heuristic analyzer. Another component of Dr.Web is the LinkChecker that checks websites for possible viruses and prevents malicious websites/software from accessing/installing the computer system. The program also offers Dr.Web Firewall that can prevent network attacks.