Drums Player

D'Accord Music Software (Proprietary)

Drums Player is an application used for learning and practicing how to play the drums on the computer. It supports MIDI song files, so users can easily learn how to play the songs using the virtual instrument. The application was developed with novice computer users in mind, so it is easy to use and navigate. With this application, the computer keyboard serves as the controls for the virtual drums.

The main user interface displays a drum kit. Each part of the drum is labeled with the key that is used to play it. Users also have the option to display a virtual keyboard on the screen as a guide when playing songs. The bottom part of the window shows the audio player and controls for the speed and volume. Users can open a MIDI file by clicking on the OPEN button. There are also buttons for the style and tutorials. The application also enables users to play along with the music by muting the drums on the audio file.

Other main features of the Drums Player program are as follows:

• Users can play listen to the music and view how the drums are played for a song
• There is a speed control function allowing users to control the speed of the song
• Users can select the instruments they want to hear on the song