DropIt 5.2

Lupo PenSuite Team (Open Source)

DropIt is a program used for copying and moving files into preselected folders by dragging and dropping them into the program popup image (which represents the program). Manual searching, opening, and moving of files and folders by users are eliminated using the program.

Files can be dragged and dropped into the program to process them using a specific predefined action.
Fifteen different actions are supported by the program which are Ignore, Copy into Clipboard, Create Playlist, Send via Mail, Open With, Rename, Compress, Move, Copy, Extract, Delete, Upload, Create List, Create Shortcut, and Change Properties. Group association and destination for every defined association can be designated by users. Rulers can be made specifically for file filtering based on date, size, location, name, content, extension, directory, regular expressions, and properties. Destination folder contained files can be renamed, skipped, and overwritten. Other program features are automatic update, support for shared folders, multiple language interface, Command-Line and SendTo support, support for environmental variables, and folder monitoring, among others. Files processed by the program are extracted, compressed, sorted, and opened using associated programs. FTP/SFTP, relative paths, UNC paths, and absolute paths, are all supported for uploading and shared folders. A Profile Encryption feature protects profiles by means of passwords.