Dropbox 5.4.24

Dropbox, Inc. (Freeware)

Dropbox is a program used to share, store, and sync data online. It lets you bring your documents, photos, and videos anywhere. You can access all the files that you save in your Dropbox from any computer you access . You can also access your saved data via your mobile systems.

File sharing is done through shared folders that allow a number of people to access, add, and download files. This is useful for people collaborating on a group of files. Sharing may be done through Dropbox’s website by inviting other users via their email addresses. You may also share specific files through links, if you don’t want to share your folders.

As a file storage application, you can save your files online. When you register, you enjoy up to 2 Gb worth of free space. For paying customers, up to 100 Gb of storage space is available. File synchronization works automatically when new files are added to your designated Dropbox folders on your computer. It syncs files of all sizes and types. Dropbox also serves as an online backup of your files.

Even if you are offline, your files are always available to you via Dropbox. It works much more than a network drive. The files in your Dropbox stay on your computer’s hard drive. The application works in the background. It will automatically update files when changes are detected.