Driving Test Success

Imagitech Ltd. (Proprietary)

Driving Test Success is a program package developed by Imagitech Ltd. to help learner drivers pass the official UK driving theory test. The program also comes in different ‘express’ editions, such as the Express Edition for Cars, Express Edition for Motorcycles, and Express Edition for ADIs. To help learners pass the test, the program comes with interactive lessons that teach learners the various aspects of driving and being on the road. The package includes the following products:

• Driving Test Success Theory – includes mock theory tests
• Driving Test Success Practical – comes with 50 tutorials
• Driving Test Success Hazard Perception – includes more than 300 video clips

One of the key features of this program is the included official DSA Theory Test, which includes the understanding and knowledge texts for both motorcycle riders and car drivers. It contains more than two hundred photographs that provide added information and knowledge about the legal issues in driving and the safe driving methods that must be practiced.

Learners are offered hints, as well as detailed explanations, on how to remember the correct answers when taking the official test. To better prepare learners, the program comes with a virtual examination mode. In this mode, the digital exam is simulated and learners can take the mock tests. The questions vary every time a test is taken, so learners can practice and review until they are ready to take the official exam. There are over twenty mock theory tests to take.