Driving Test Success: Hazard Perception Training

Imagitech Ltd. (Proprietary)

Driving Test Success: Hazard Perception Training is an educational application for those who would like to build their hazard perception skills in driving. This learning material is ideal for both professional and non-professional drivers alike.

This application is equipped with various learning tools:

• A Learning Mode where users will learn to spot a hazard. There are also tips and hints for easier learning.
• Video clips taken from within the car to provide an accurate driver’s perspective so users will learn to perceive hazards realistically.
• True-to-life videos that include distractions such as wiper blades, raindrops, and reflections. Poor weather conditions are also simulated.
• Interactive video clips with a facility for assessing the user’s skill in hazard perception. There are over 400 unique clips to watch and learn from. Users will be able to “drive” along main roads, city streets, and dual carriageways, as well as through towns and other areas in the UK.

This application not only teaches safe driving but also provides information about the Hazard Perception Element in the Driving Test conducted in the United Kingdom. By knowing the principles behind hazard perception and the rules of the test, it is trusted that users will be able to pass the actual test. The program comes with a selection of 14 pre-set mock tests to prepare the user for the actual examination.