Driving Speed 2

Wheel Spin Studios (Freeware)

Driving Speed 2 is a racing game from Wheel Spin Studios. The program has single player and multiplayer modes. The game features four V8 muscle cars that the player can choose from.  The program has enhanced and realistic graphics. The races follow two different maps. The tracks display either the urban or the pastoral side.

The game features five different racing cars. It enables the players to customize vehicle features. The player can choose the skin color of the car. In addition, a Tune Car option is offered before the beginning of the race. This option allows the players to modify the car’s driving capacity.

There are three modes that players can choose from:
• Quick Race- this is available in single player mode. The player can choose a car. The player can then customize the vehicle and choose a map. The player can start racing after setting the parameters. The goal under this game mode is for the player to race against eleven opponents. The opponents are controlled by artificial intelligence.
• Multiplayer- the player races with seven other players.
• Championship- this game mode is a new addition to the series. The player can join in organized racing events. This mode allows the player to buy a car. When the player wins, the cash prize can be used to upgrade or repair the car.