Driving Simulator 2011

Excalibur Publishing Limited (Proprietary)

Driving Simulation 2011 is a video game that allows users to experience driving different types of vehicles. The game was first released in 2011. The game features two games modes – Free Play and Missions. In Free Play mode, players are free to roam and drive around the locations. In Missions, players get the chance to drive different vehicles, such as a bus, a police car, an ambulance, and many others. Players must complete missions, such as deliver parcels and chase speeding drivers.

While driving, the screen shows the current speed of the vehicle in KpH. The player can also view the distance travelled, as well as the gear. There are green arrows on the screen that show the users the way to go. In addition, players must keep track of the car’s damage level, which can also be seen on the screen.

Driving Simulation 2011 provides a different experience to the player for each vehicle controlled. The game was developed in such a way that the different vehicles follow the real weight and inertia so that players have a realistic feel of driving each vehicle. In addition to pre-made missions, users also have the chance to create a unique mission with the editor and modding tool built-in to the application.