DriverSmith 3.1.1

DriverSmith.COM (Freeware)

DriverSmith is an application that provides users with the ability to update their computer’s system drivers with just a click. This application automatically searches for the latest and most updated official drivers for the computer’s programs. Its driver database is updated on a daily basis and it has support for millions of devices to ensure that the proper driver is installed every time. It will first scan the user’s PC, detect the drivers that need updating, and connects to the Internet to get the necessary files. It can also detect and fix driver problems, such as video card driver issues.

Upon program launch, users will see the interface and its four buttons: About, Settings, Download, and Scan. When the “Scan” button is clicked, the application will examine the system and list the device drivers that are currently installed to manage the computer’s network devices, sound cards, modems, video cards, and other devices. It will then compare the drivers with an internal list of updated drivers that the application retrieves from the Internet.

If DriverSmith detects that the installed drivers are outdated or are older than the latest ones from the Internet, it will list these down. Users can then click on the “Download” button to download the updated drivers directly from the author’s website and install these into their system.