DriverGuide Toolkit

iCentric Corp. 2003 (Shareware)

DriverGuide Toolkit by iCentric Corp. 2003 is designed to provide users with a list of drivers currently installed in a computer system. DriverGuide Toolkit is a compact utility that is easy and convenient to use. This program not only produces a complete list of drivers, but it can also search for important manufacturer information and drive updates if an Internet connection is available. DriverGuide Toolkit provides users with a means to ensure that all the installed computer drives are working optimally.

DriverGuide Toolkit works equally well with both local and network based systems. It can be applied to either setting without the operating undergoing advanced training in order to use the program effectively. DriverGuide Toolkit has additional functions. It can also perform backing up of installed devices. The driver back up set is stored in a secure location and the program will retrieve the data should the need to restore a device arise. DriverGuide Toolkiti is a handy tool to have, since it performs admirably without occupying a lot of computer disk space.

DriverGuide Toolkit is compatible with Windows Server 2003 and higher OS, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows 95. DriverGuide Toolkit provides clear terms and conditions for users who want to determine the coverage and limitations of the license that they hold.