Easeware (Shareware)

DriverEasy is a driver management program developed by Easeware. This program allows you to manage outdated drivers on your computer. The program is designed for identifying unknown drivers. The developers have more than 100,000,000 hardware device drivers in their online database allowing users to identify unknown device driver and fix your driver problems. DriverEasy is also used for keeping existing drives up to date. The program also features daily update driver database. This helps improve the system performance, solve screen problems, and add updated features of the installed drivers in your computer. When using DriverEasy, the program will scan the computer system for all the missing and outdated drivers. After the program is done scanning, it will display a list of the required drivers for your software and hardware. This includes the installed, missing, and outdated drivers.

DriverEasy is also used for backing up and restoring drivers. With this program, users can easily backup currently installed drivers in your computer and restore them after reloading the system. Users can use this feature to backup current drivers then roll-back them later on. DriverEasy is also used for uninstall drivers of already removed hardware. All the hardware that has been replaced on your computer will retain the installed driver in the computer. By uninstalling them, DriverEasy will help free up space on the computer system.