Driver Updater Pro

XPC Soft (Shareware)

Driver Updater Pro by XPC Soft contains pertinent tools for hardware diagnostics and driver management. This professional-level driver management tool is intended for computer users that frequently reinstall their OS. This application is also a handy tool for people who tend to lose their drivers CDs. With this utility, there is no need to search around for different kinds of drivers. The whole process becomes less time consuming and more efficient.

As soon as the program is initialized, Driver Updater Pro automatically scans the existing system drivers. A window shows in real-time how the scan is progressing. When there are problems detected the user of the program is notified immediately. The program is easy to use, with an interface that is easy to follow. The tool features four sections, which are Backup, Free Scans, Request, and Update.

Device drivers must always be in good condition because if something goes wrong then important files could be lost. A computer must be in good shape and users must ensure that drivers are well taken care of. This tool is designed to detect all kinds of issues and detect driver problems early on. Driver Updater Pro also provides driver update functions. The same program backs up the drivers so that the data is retained before any changes on the attributes are made.