Driver Robot

Bitware Technology (Shareware)

Driver Robot is an application that allows users to update the drivers for the computer’s hardware. The program scans the computer for drivers that are not updated. The application supports more than 100,000 drivers for routers, sound cards, printers, motherboards, Ethernet, Firewire, and many more. One of the features of the program is the Driver Spider. The Driver Spider is a tool that scours for new drivers so that the program’s database is always updated. New drivers are added to the database a day after the release.

Another main feature of the program is the Driver Robot Exporter, which permits offline driver analysis. Using this feature, users can scan a computer that is offline and run the program on an online computer to find the drivers needed for the offline computer. Driver Robot also makes use of database mirroring. This allows users to download the latest drivers even if they are not available on the hardware manufacturer’s website.  

Other features of the application include the following:
• Free technical support available 24/7
• Perfect scan results each time
• Largest database in the industry
• Driver spiders operate 24 hours a day using 100 Mbps connection
• Easy to use