Driver Performer

PerformerSoft LLC (Shareware)

Driver Performer is a driver utility that automatically updates the drivers of devices installed on a system. It is a program developed by PerformerSoft and released on April 2012.  This program enables users to automatically update their components including graphics cards and sound cards. This program also features automatic updating of attached devices including printers, scanners, and wireless devices.

Driver Performer features automatic driver updating by performing a series of actions. Upon installation, it scans the computer for all installed and attached devices. The scan should show which drivers are updated and which have corrupted or outdated drivers. This program then performs a database search for missing drivers and chooses the most updated ones to apply or install to the system. However, before installation, this program first performs a backup of all current drivers. This is to secure the user in case of accidental cancellations or corruptions, or in case of incompatible drivers. Driver Performer then installs the latest updates on all devices with outdated or obsolete drivers.

Driver Performer features a grey and blue tabbed user interface. The tabs on the left panel features tab options for Home, Back Up Driver, Restore Drivers, Uninstall Drivers, Update Drivers, Options, and LiveUpdate. A Start Scan pop-up box launches upon program start. After scan, a window shows the scan date, update status, and device names.