Driver - Parallel Lines

Reflections Interactive (Proprietary)

Driver - Parallel Lines is a third-person shooter racing game developed by the company, Reflections Interactive. It is also the fourth part of the Driver series, but this game happens in just one area – New York City. As opposed to the previous installment, this game strays from shooting and focuses more on driving. The plot takes place in 1978 and the main character is an 18-year old kid named TK. The player assumes this role and drives around New York City in search of adventure. He runs into some drug dealers and ends up getting involved in selling cocaine. Unfortunately, the group is finally busted and TK is sentenced to 28 years in prison. TK serves his sentence and gets out in 2006 – the present. The player, as TK, drives around the open city and goes on certain missions that can earn him money, which can be used to upgrade the vehicle. However, the player must be wary of buying too many car upgrades as the vehicle is disposable and can be replaced with a new one.

In the event that the player fails to complete a mission or dies in the process, s/he can click the Retry button to make another run at it. Longer missions have checkpoints, so the player can easily go back to the last successful leg and proceed with the mission thereon.