Driver Medic

PC Drivers Headquarters (Shareware)

Driver Medic is an application primarily used for checking the drivers on the user’s computer. It scans all of the PC’s drivers and then updates them. Doing this optimizes the drivers in terms of their performance on the computer, thus making the PC peripherals run faster. A computer normally has a number of drivers. They all have different functions. When the computer’s devices – such as speakers or webcams - do not work, there are instances when corrupted or outdated drivers are the cause of the problem. It can take time for the user to find the outdated driver via a manual search. Using this application, manual troubleshooting is skipped in favor of the automatic detection of the faulty driver.

Driver Medic works by looking for the outdated drivers in the computer first. It then checks for any updates on these drivers by automatically checking the websites where the driver updates are located. One unique feature of this application is its ability to save a backup copy of all the drivers. It can be saved on portable devices and optical discs. This save feature is often used to keep a backup of the drivers’ current versions in case something goes wrong during the update. This application uses minimum to moderate amount of system resources.