Reflections Interactive (Proprietary)

Driver is a racing computer game wherein the main character, Detective John Tanner goes undercover to infiltrate various crime syndicates. He has to gain the crime bosses' confidence in order to ultimately stop their plans. The game has around 40 missions that span four cities in the United States - New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami. There are a number of vehicles that Tanner can drive (and face as opponents). Some of the races feature different traffic conditions.

The cities in the game are open-world environments. They can be explored freely throughout the course of the game. There are also a variety of game modes. In "Training", the player demonstrates his skills as he tries to get the bosses' trust and confidence. In "Undercover", the cities can be explored, as well as various race tracks. The "film director" and "quick replay" modes can be used to watch the player's previous races. There are other modes that involve performing specific objectives.

Most of the game is about completing missions. These include dropping packages, smashing cars, and being the driver for bank robbery jobs. There are also mini games that can test the player's skills. During outside races, a small map is found in the screen that helps in navigating around the city.