Driver Identifier 4.2.3

Driver Identifier (Freeware)

Driver Identifier is a program that enables users to manage their device drivers and keep them up to date. A device driver is a software component of a particular computer hardware device. The device driver communicates with the computer’s operating system and manages how the hardware device should work. Driver Identifier works by scanning the user’s computer and identifying information related to the system’s device drivers. This program is capable of displaying the driver name, the manufacturer, as well as the current driver version. Driver Identifier also works as a driver updater by its feature that automatically checks for newer versions of device drivers in the Internet. This program automatically downloads and installs the updates and notifies the user of the changes done in the device drivers. Driver Identifier is useful in updating device drivers that are listed under obsolete websites or are just simply hard to find.

Driver Identifier features a simple user interface that contains a button that executes the device driver scanning process. Once the program has identifies the computer’s installed drivers, it will display a list that shows the driver name, manufacturer, version, date released, and download link for updates. Each driver is represented by an icon, which shows which hardware device it is for. Driver Identifier provides icons for devices such as printers, monitor, mouse, keyboard, graphics card, etc.