Driver Genius Professional Edition

Driver-Soft Inc. (Proprietary)

Driver Genius Professional Edition is a program that enables users to manage their computer drivers. A Device Driver or Software Driver is a computer application that allows high-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device. Driver Genius Professional Edition manages the drivers of various computer hardware devices such as the Keyboard, Mouse, Display Monitor, Printer, Scanner, Router, Modem, as well as CPU plug-ins like a Graphics card and Sound Card. The program manages the computer drivers by features that allow backup, restoration, updates, installation, and uninstallation. Driver Genius Professional Edition provides a master list of the entire computer’s hardware devices as well as information on the driver software. The program displays the driver name, the driver provider, the driver’s release date, the driver version, and the driver’s digital signer. Other information displayed includes the driver’s information file location, the hardware ID, and the total number of files included in the driver software.

Driver Genius Professional Edition provides a clean and simple interface that has three parts: the command list where the user can choose a driver management task, the hardware selection panel displayed as a collapsible tree directory checklist, and the information panel that displays information on a selected device driver. The command list contains eight driver management commands. First is the “Backup Drivers” command, which allows users to create a backup of selected driver installers in a selected location in the user’s hard drive. Users may choose to save the backup as a ZIP archive, a self-extracting file, or as an auto-installing file. This feature allows the user to reinstall a driver in case of an error or an application crash. The next option is the “Restore Drivers” command. This enables users to restore a malfunctioning driver to a previous, functional state. Next option is the “Update Drivers” command, which allows the user to download and install a new version of selected drivers from the Internet. Another option includes the “Uninstall Driver” which removes selected drivers from the computer. In addition, Driver Genius Professional Edition has an “Options” panel, which allows the user to configure settings for driver management. Here, users may choose to update their drivers manually or automatically, and select a driver backup format and location. Other features include the Live Update and the Help options.