Driver Fetch 1.0

Blitware Technology Inc. (Shareware)

Driver Fetch is an update utility developed by Blitware Technology Inc. It allows the user’s computer to be updated with the latest compatible device drivers, without the user having to search for said drivers and manually install them every time an update from the manufacturer happens. These device drivers handle the communication between the computer’s hardware and operating system. It is important to keep them updated to get the best performance of the hardware devices.

Driver Fetch supports the installation of the latest hardware devices and optimization of computer system performance. It updates the computer’s device drivers, and performs troubleshooting whenever there are problems with the system. This tool allows the users to find the right device driver suitable for the computer’s hardware, and it can even tweak the graphics card for better resolution and overall display.

Other features of Driver Fetch include the following:

• Driver database – This program has a large database with several authorized device drivers suitable for up to 100,000 different devices.
• Driver availability – Drivers are guaranteed to be always available for download using several server mirror sites where users can still download the drivers even if the manufacturer’s website is not working.
• Offline driver analysis – This feature allows the users to send hardware analysis from an offline computer to an online computer.