Driver Cleaner.NET

Driver Heaven Ltd. (Shareware)

Driver Cleaner.NET is used for fixing errors due to incorrect installation of drivers. The application goes through the drivers that are installed in the computer to make sure that they are all running properly. Before using the program, run a live update of the application. This makes sure that the program is up to date and all the latest drivers are available. Click on ‘Tools’ on the program’s main window and choose ‘Live Update’ from the list to do this.

Users can check drivers one by one or select multiple drivers to be processed at the same time. The box beside ‘Select multiple cleaning filters’ must be checked in order to clean multiple drivers. Click the ‘Start’ button on the main window to start cleaning the selected drivers. Cleaning drivers may take a few seconds or up to a few minutes depending on the type of driver being processed.

Aside from cleaning drivers, Driver Cleaner.NET also comes with the Driver Version Check. This small tool is used for updating ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards. The tool checks if the system has the latest updates installed. If the driver is outdated, users can click the button for the download site to be directed to the page where the latest driver can be downloaded.