DriveHQ FileManager 5.2.361

DriveHQ (Freeware)

DriveHQ released the DriveHQ File Manager to provide users of the company's free virtual storage facility with an easy way to upload, download, and manage the files that they have stored in the online storage system. It is an FTP (file transfer protocol) client that works in conjunction with a virtual server hosting service.

Aside from providing users of DriveHQ storage with a desktop folder to access and manage their files, this application also provides these users with an avenue for efficient and secure file sharing. Folders can be shared from manager to manager. Aside from the file sharing components, the program also comes with the necessary support for online backup systems. It can also be relied upon for purposes such as Web hosting and file folder synchronization.

The DriveHQ File Manager comes installed with the DriveHQ bundle. When users register for the virtual storage facility, a folder will immediately be installed on their desktop. This folder will come equipped with the file manager system utility application. Files that are stored in the desktop folder are automatically downloaded into the virtual facility when a stable connection to the Internet becomes available. Copies of the files directly uploaded online also appear on the folder for future access.