DriveDiet XP

FacsyS (Shareware)

DriveDiet XP will enable users to rid their hard drives of unwanted files to restore valuable disk space efficiently and systematically. This disk space that should otherwise be utilized by important applications or cleared up to optimize system performance may be used by leftover installation files, file fragments and corrupted data. Unwanted files that result from daily use and online browsing can then accumulate in the hard drive over time. This can put an unnecessary load on the CPU and then cause system performance to drop.

DriveDiet XP was developed by FacsyS. The program is designed to delete all the unnecessary files and folders that build up and get replicated in the hard drive. These files come in the form of temporary or temp files that steadily accumulate in the drive and eat up usable disk space. DriveDiet XP will speed up the task of deleting this clutter that bogs down the system. It has an easy-to-use interface that can help the user scan and free the hard disk from most types of unneeded files and digital debris.

In addition to the features previously mentioned, the program also has other capabilities. It allows users to choose which files to erase and select the categories they want the scan to bypass, for example, aside from other scan customization options.

FacsyS discontinued the development of DriveDiet XP in December 31, 2009.