DriveCrypt 5

SecurStar GmbH (Proprietary)

DriveCrypt 5 is an encryption program developed by SecurStar GmbH. It is designed to bring peace of mind for everyone that needs file protection for their companies. This program has effective encryption capabilities that protect every disk and keep files safe from unauthorized access. These files are sensitive information an organization must protect like client lists, business policies, confidential corporate notes, product and future project specifications and many more.

The program is highly scalable, which makes it a great solution for organizations and companies of different sizes. It will work best for small organizations and for multinational corporations. It has strong and solid cryptography methods using different algorithms used by computer systems. It supports automatic encryption and re-encryption of data saved in company-owned storage systems. Once files are saved again in the storage, it will be automatically re-encrypted and ensure protection at all times.

This encryption program works flawlessly for hard drives used in computers placed in a company. It also works as a tool for encryption for files saved in portable devices like USB flash drives. They will be useful for employees needing to use another computer and have them secured for possible unauthorized duplication.

DriveCrypt 5 has a clean and easy to navigate user interface that allows users to encrypt certain files instead of the entire hard disk space. Some files are needed to be accessed within the network, but encrypted files will remain protected from unspecified users.