Drive Scrubber

iolo technologies, LLC (Shareware)

Drive Scrubber is an application that is used for deleting files from the computer completely. When the application is used to remove files and folders, other recovery applications will not be able to retrieve the deleted files. The program protects computer in three ways. It is capable of wiping the whole drive to prevent personal information from being accessed by other users. This can be handy before selling or donating the computer. The program ensures that there is no personal data left in the system. Users also have the option to wipe the remaining space in the system so that the traces left by deleted files and applications are also removed completely. The third is cleaning and restoring drives that are infected with viruses. Drive Scrubber will leave the system as good as new.

Drive Scrubber uses government and military compliant technology to delete important information from the system. Also, the application performs tasks fast. Users can customize wiping tasks with the adjustable security level. Information can be wiped using the one-pass method or use magnetic field residue detection shields.

Other features of the Drive Scrubber program are the following:
• Overwrites deleted data up to a hundred times
• Wipes all types of drives
• One-click interface
• Includes boot disk creator
• Email, web, or phone support