Drive Health™ 2.5.194 (32-bit)

Helexis Software Development (Shareware)

Drive Health™ is a hard disk drive analysis tool developed by Helexis Software Development. The program enables users to analyze system drives and external disk drives to estimate its Life Resource. Life Resource refers to the remaining lifetime of the disk. This program allows users to prevent hard disk failures and predict when failures are likely to take place. Through this, users can backup their files for safekeeping. The program also enables users to check for any hard disk performance degradations.

Drive Health™ features a simple grey user interface. The menu bar features three choices—Drive, View, and Help. The top bar shows the current disk drives connected or installed to the system. It shows the corresponding Life meter and TEC date. The top bar also shows the hard disk name and capacity. The main window shows the different hard disk attributes with their corresponding names, status, and TEC. Some attributes include Raw Read Error Rate, Reallocated Sector Count, Start/Stop Count, Spin Up Time, and Seek Error Rate. Other attributes are Spin Retry Count, Power Cycle Count, and Drive temperature.

Drive Health™ utilizes S.M.A.R.T. technology. This technology is a reliability prediction technology geared towards IDE, ATA, and SCSI drives. This technology treats the environments differently according to their drive architecture. The Drive Health™ program works with the top 5 hard disk drive manufacturers including Seagate, Western Digital, and Quantum Corporation.