Drive ES Basic

SIEMENS AG (Freeware)

Drive ES Basic is an engineering software used for the start-up, parameter-setting, optimizing, and diagnosing of Siemens drives. It is one of three components of the Drive Engineering System (the other two components are Drive ES Graphic and Drive ES Simatic). The Drive Engineering System, or Drive ES, is an engineering software for the Siemens drive families: MICROMASTER, SIMOVERT, SIMOREG, and MASTERDRIVES. Drive ES fully integrates such drives in Siemens’ TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) system.

TIA defines the manner for interaction of automation components, tools, and services. It combines the functions of the four levels of the automation pyramid: management, operator, controller, and field person. With Drive ES, the SIMATIC Manager performs the start-up and engineering of all drives. Using start-up tools such as DriveMonitor, Starter, and SIMOCOM U/A, users can deal with drives in the same manner they deal with Siemens automation technology. Drive ES Basic provides consistency in archiving and managing data of both drive and automation technology, allowing integration of such data in one project.

Using Drive ES Basic saves customers about 10% of the usual engineering time. Users can conduct remote drive maintenance, diagnosis and service of the drives from any point within the system through routing (Ethernet) and tele-service. As the tool’s interface is similar to that of the SIMATIC Manager, start-up of drives is easier for users.