Reflections Interactive (Proprietary)

Driv3r is a shooting, racing, and adventure game and is the third installment in the Driv3r series. The vehicles are made in such a way that they look and feel real for the players when they drive. For instance, bullets will result to bullet holes on the car and can also damage the tires, making it screech and lose control. Continuous firing on the vehicles will eventually make it explode and can kill Tanner, the game’s main character. The players can choose from the 70+ vehicle selections including cars, trucks, bikes, convertibles, boats, vans, and buses among others.

There are also a wide range of weapons available in the game from pistols to grenade launchers.  At the start, Tanner only has a single weapon. He can add additional weapons by getting those from policemen or people he has killed or from the safe houses. There are by-standers who will act as normal people fleeing the scene when it becomes unsafe for them. There are 14 soundtracks available in the game, which are played during cut scenes. The game has a PC and Xbox version and the Xbox version allows the user to create custom soundtracks within the game without actually changing it. The locations used for the game include Miami, Florida, Nice, France and Istanbul, Turkey.