Auto FX Software (Shareware)

The DreamSuite application is a set of tools for applying different graphic effects to an image. The suite consists of three tools – artistic effects, graphic effects, and photo effects.

• Artistic Effects – The application comes with several artistic effects, such as the graphite pencil, charcoal, traditional oil, fountain pen, pastel crayon, and watercolors. These tools allow users to create traditional-looking photos using the computer.
• Graphic Effects – The graphic effects built-in to the program are gel, hot stamp, liquid crystal, chisel, liquid metal, etc. These tools enable users to apply different effects to objects and images on projects.
• Photo Effects – The program comes with several effects that can be applied to photos in order to change their appearance. Some of them are frames, while others are directly applied to the image. Photo effects included in the program are film strip, film grain, deckle, crease, dreamy photo, 35mm frame, and many others.

DreamSuite has an easy to use interface. The different controls also have tool tips to guide users on how to use the tools and features. The program can be used as a standalone application or as a plug-in for editing programs, such as all the editions of Adobe Photoshop.