DreamScene Seven 1.6 (Freeware)

DreamScene Seven is a utility that enables users to put up animated wallpapers on their Windows desktop. This application is a modification of DreamScene, a similar application that was built in into Windows Vista operating systems. DreamScene Seven works by allowing users to set certain video files as their desktop background instead of a static image. This application supports video files formats, such as WMV and MPEG as its primary animated desktop background format. DreamScene Seven includes a library of pre-installed animated wallpapers where users can choose one animated wallpaper that fits their desktop best. These wallpapers are classified into themes, such as nature scenes, outer space themes, physics, people, lights, etc. Users may download animated wallpapers for free from the DreamScene Seven website. In order to get full access to DreamScene Seven, users must have administrator rights in their desktop user account to be able to place animated wallpapers in their desktop.

DreamScene Seven does not have its own user interface. However, users may view the list of animated wallpapers in the desktop and display settings of their Windows operating system. The application only requires installation and afterwards allows users to load animated wallpapers in their desktop. Users may preview the animated wallpapers in the desktop settings and configure its display.