DreamLight Photo Editor 4.2

Picget (Shareware)

DreamLight Photo Editor is a simple image editing program that enables users to add dreamy effects to photos and images.  This photo-editing software developed by Picget features photo filters that may be applied to achieve the desired effect. Each photo filter can be customized further with ten special effects. This equates to more than 120 dreamy image variations. Filters may also be applied one on top of the other. It also features a Preview function that enables users to check the effect before saving it. An Undo button is also provided for filter modifications.

DreamLight Photo Editor features 15 filters. These include light effects like the Preset filter, Light A,B, and C filters. It also includes special effects like Star filter which adds star effects on the image, Amazing filter, and Dream A and B filters. Other color effects included are Color filter, Weather filter, Art filter, Gradient filter, and Texture filter. Lastly, it includes edge effects like Edge A filter, and Edge B filter.

The DreamLight Photo Editor user interface features a three-window display with filter effect buttons located on the left panel. The upper right window shows the preview window with the current selected image. The bottom panel shows a preview of ten different effects that can be applied in that particular filter type.