Dreamfall, The Longest Journey

Funcom Oslo A/S (Proprietary)

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is a cross-platform action-adventure game for both Windows PC and Xbox. The game was written by Ragnar Tørnquist, the game designer. There are three main characters in the game-- Zoë Castillo, Kian Alvane, and April Ryan -- and a multitude of in-game locations set on three different worlds, with twists and plots resulting in different outcomes, an action adventure gameplay, as well as an emotionally epic storyline.

Dreamfall allows players to choose from three playable characters in order to experience the story from each one’s perspective. The gamers must utilize abilities unique to every character like their respective strengths, dexterity, and street-smarts. The game takes players through deep forests and vast cities, across seas and into seemingly endless caverns, and everything else that that no one has ever expected to encounter, particularly the twin worlds (namely, the magic-driven world of Arcadia and the technology-driven world of Stark) filled with adventure and challenges. However “in the Winter”, the game’s so-called world beyond the two worlds, where reason nor logic do not apply, will leave any player unprepared for the game’s “ultimate truth”.

Gamers can travel between the three worlds and explore the lands while going on quests, interact with fully-voiced characters, sneak through the darkness and past enemies, battle with intelligent monsters, solve puzzles, and play mini-games.