DreamCoder for MySQL

Mentat Technologies (Freeware)

DreamCoder for MySQL is intended by its creators to manage the MySQL database server. DreamCoder for MySQL is a tool that features a number of modules that serve its primary purpose. It is particularly intended for users who are looking for basic functionality, or those who are just learning how to use the MySQL database server. This utility is compatible with a number of versions—from version 3.23 to version 6.0. One of the main features of DreamCoder for MySQL is that it offers advanced data manipulation options as well as script exportation and script execution.

The latest program updating has enabled the program to include Unicode support, as well as the following upgrades:
• Enhanced PHP Tunnel sessions and SSH
• Improved auto completion
• Better editor performance
• Higher performance capabilities

DreamCoder for MySQL also features an interface that is easy to use, with a layout and levels of control that allows the user to import and export data, generate reports, create objects, compile procedures, synchronize and monitor databases, and format codes, among others.

Using DreamCoder for MySQL has many advantages. It simplifies two main operations: administration processes and database development. The program accomplishes this with its friendly GUI. This utility is intended for the use of DBAs or database administrators and development teams.