KatGames (Proprietary)

Dream Chronicles is a hidden object adventure and puzzle game developed by KatGames. It is set in a mystical realm where both fairy and mortal worlds collide. It tells the story of Faye, a mortal, who is mysteriously the only one who awoke from a dream spell cast by a powerful fairy. Upon waking up and finding her fairy husband gone, she embarks on a journey to find him and a solution to break the spell on her hometown. Players help Faye solve the mystery by looking for hidden objects and completing challenging puzzles in the process. There are also clues that lead to where Faye’s husband is.

Aside from the hidden object aspect, Dream Chronicles also has different kinds of puzzles that must be solved in order to advance in the game. Faye helps players by giving hinted statements about how to proceed. Players can hover on an object and it will be described by Faye. Items that may be needed to solve puzzles can be clicked, and these will be stored in the inventory, located at the bottom of the screen. When a puzzle has been solved, players can unlock the door to the next room or location.

Players can also look out for Dream Pieces, gems that are scattered in the different locations in the game. Each gem earns the player 1000 points. The game has 32 levels.