DreamCalc 4.8

Big Angry Dog Ltd (Shareware)

DreamCalc is a graphic, financial, and scientific calculator with an extensive range of features. The experience is similar to using a hand-held scientific calculator, but on a tablet, laptop, or PC. This software program comes with a complete range of complex numbers, scientific functions, base-n-logic, built-in constants, unit conversions, statistics, and polynomial solver.

Users can choose between two-styles: Algebraic input or reverse Polish notation. One can run the application in their Window system tray. It features a natural fraction key, international number formats, date input, calendar functions, complex numbers, function graphics and list data plots, multiple memory registers, scientific notation, among other features.

For conversions and constants function, there are more than 630 physical constants and about 80 conversions in DreamCalc, including conversions for angles, energy, area, length, mass, temperature, force, and more. There are also graphing and list plotting functions with a broad range of tools and features such as cashflow charts, parametric plots, logarithmic axes, polar grids, cursor coordinates, curve tracing, plotting function, and more.

Users needing financial calculations for loan amortization, internal rate of return, return on investment, logistic regression, simple profit functions, and bond prices can make use of this software program. Users can also do statistical calculations and other related processes that include logarithmic axes, spreadsheet style cashflow input, bar charts, histograms, frequency polygons, parametric plots, and more.

DreamCalc is commonly used in schools and universities and is ideal for educational environments.