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DreamBoxEdit is a program that enables users to manage their Dreambox applications. Dreambox is a series of Linux-supported multimedia products that includes DVB satellite receivers, terrestrial receivers, and cable digital television boxes. This line of products was developed to allow users to watch cable television programs in their desktop or laptop computer. Dreambox contains features that allow users to save and create their own channel playlist. These channel playlists can be saved as files in their hard drive and can be uploaded whenever users would want to access their favorite programs again. DreamBoxEdit works by allowing users to modify their Dreambox Satellite Receiver services as well a Dreambox user bouquets. Users may create new Dreambox profiles or delete existing ones. In addition to these, DreamBoxEdit contains features that allow users to transfer necessary files from Dreambox to any folder in the user’s computer using its built-in FTP function. Users may reboot Dreambox and reload the settings back to it by its reload function.

DreamBoxEdit features a simple user interface that contains three main parts. the first part is the main control bar that contains buttons that execute actions within the program. These buttons include open, access FTP, save, options, flies, log, help, about, and exit. The next part displays a list of all the user’s Dreambox services along with information such as service name, package, type, satellite, and frequency. The last part displays a list of Dreambox user bouquets along with descriptions for each user bouquet.