Dream Media Player

DarkBaron (Freeware)

Dream Media Player is a media player developed by DarkBaron and released on November 2010. The program enables users to view and play media files including pictures, music, and videos. The program recognizes several file formats including WAV, MP3, MP4, MOV, and FLV. The media player supports Drag and Drop function for easy adding of files into the media player. The program features all the basic media player functions including playback controls like play, pause, stop, back, and next. Users may also create and edit playlists. Volume control is likewise supported. Loop and Repeat mode can also be enabled during media playback.

Dream Media Player enables users to configure the media directory using the Settings tab. Users can also set the directory to refresh upon every startup. The Settings tab likewise enables users to change the interface skin as well as program language.

Dream Media Player features a purple translucent user interface. The left tab features the playback buttons including Play, Pause, Stop, Next, and Back buttons. The window is divided into three boxes, the Settings window in the middle, Media Info box in the upper right, and the Playlist in the lower right. The Media Info box shows the Genre, Root, Details, Transfer rate, and Remaining minutes. Users may also check the media currently playing through the Now Playing box in the lower right portion of the interface.