Dream Desktop Agent 1.1

Dream Desktop Entertainment Network (Freeware)

Dream Desktop Agent is an application used for managing wallpapers. With the application, users will be able to download wallpapers from different categories. Some of the categories include Sports, Animals, Nature, World, and many others. Users can also search for wallpapers according to keywords or tags. Users can also preview a wallpaper before downloading it to the computer. Furthermore, wallpapers can be added to a Favorites folder where users have easy access to their collection. Wallpapers that are available from the program are available in different resolutions to fit any computer desktop size.

Dream Desktop Agent also has settings where users can tweak the program’s behavior. The program can be launched as soon the computer starts. The program can also be set to change the computer’s wallpaper every set number of minutes. The wallpaper’s rotation can be set by the user, or the program can randomly choose a wallpaper from a specified category. Some of the main features of the application are listed below:

• Wide variety of wallpapers to choose from
• Can automatically check for software updates when the computer is connected to the Internet
• Notifies users when new wallpapers are available for download
• Simple and easy to use interface